Company Profile

It all started in retail, on an international scale.

In response to the numerous hardware companies selling expensive and proprietary solutions, the mid-1990s birthed a new kind of company — one that saw how these costly systems were starting to suffocate small to medium-sized businesses. It was this market that Retail Realm sought to embrace by offering open platform solutions. Small and mid-scale retailers soon had the tools to keep pace with large-sized businesses and conglomerates.

Today, Retail Realm is a global company specializing in creating and managing a portfolio of vertical business software solutions that are marketed worldwide through a community of resellers.

Distributing Microsoft's retail software around the globe saw much success.

For more than a decade, Retail Realm’s flagship product was Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS). Retail Realm’s strong foothold in the Microsoft Retail community began with the inception of RMS, when it was previously QuickSell and had not yet been purchased by Microsoft. With a large reseller base as well as offices in the UK, Spain, Germany, South Africa, UAE, India, and Egypt, Retail Realm successfully sold RMS globally while earning international acclaim and recognition as a premier software distribution company.

Employing a unique business model with a strong base of resellers led to rapid sales growth.

Retail Realm’s well-structured business strategy has been a main factor in their continued growth. In addition to offering a scalable, comprehensive POS solution, they employ a two-tier value-added distribution model, selling products only through their certified reseller base. Believing that these resellers are paramount to ensuring maximum sales growth, Retail Realm provides full training / certification programs and partner with their resellers from deployment to after-sales support. The result: the best price discounts, technical support, lead referrals, and product customization.

They became more than the typical distribution company.

The last five years have especially positioned Retail Realm as a true Value Added Distributor, meaning that instead of merely peddling products, they administer the channel, generate leads with marketing campaigns, provide customized programming, and add value to their channel. In fact, their software development division creates add-ons and utilities around Microsoft RMS. These modules (Gift Loyalty, Mobility Bundle, Ticketing Module, Customer Price Matrix, Item Creation, Optical Module, etc.) extend and enhance RMS’s functionality. The company has since continued to develop a range of proprietary utilities for Dynamics AX for Retail, and collaborated closely with Microsoft to bring the latest addition to Microsoft’s retail sector stable to fruition; “Retail Realm Essentials ™ powered by Microsoft Dynamics”

Their reach expanded into the United States.

When Microsoft authorized the distribution of RMS and Microsoft POS 2009 in the United States, Retail Realm set up a new division (Retail Realm Distribution) focused on businesses in the U.S. territory.

Microsoft then extended their distribution rights for RMS to Canada and Latin America.

When they secured extended distribution rights from Microsoft to sell RMS in Canada and Latin America, Retail Realm launched their Canada and LATAM divisions to promote and distribute the software beyond U.S. borders, building strong customer relationships in those territories.

Today, they deliver a solid product suite of applications in different vertical markets.

Although, to date, they have largely focused on RMS, Retail Realm also has alliances with many other vendors that provide software and hardware solutions relevant to retail markets. This gives their resellers more opportunities for sales growth, enabling them to target companies—from one store to thousands of stores—in any geographic location. Retail Realm has adopted additional add-ons and stand-alone products developed by leading companies who have expertise in other vertical markets. These products include the renowned Business Appointment Manager that can integrate with almost any software. Retail Realm showcases these solutions at their annual 'Retail Realm Technology Conference' for Resellers and Users.

Tomorrow, they will develop and distribute the future in business software solutions!

With a strong marketing and sales presence in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific, South Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, Retail Realm continues to stay on top of an ever-changing retail industry, always up-to-date in certifications and tuned into opportunities for the most innovative technologies. With a complete product line, a sound business strategy, and a strong reseller base, Retail Realm is poised for the next stage of business software solutions.

"Retail Realm’s partnership with Microsoft is extremely valuable. Renowned worldwide for their expertise in the Retail SMB space and through an extensive Reseller network, they have an impressive global reach that caters to retailers on every continent. With their outstanding track record both as a Distributor and an ISV, we are proud of our 12 year relationship which has been further cemented by the recent launch of “Retail Realm Essentials™ powered by Microsoft Dynamics” and are excited about this new solution they are delivering to customers."