5 Mobile Features Every Retailer Needs in Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Afshin Alikhani

This past year has seen the proliferation of flexible retailing POS options – particularly in the Microsoft space. As Microsoft Dynamics® AX with modern POS has ushered in a new generation of retail applications based on devices either in a fixed stationary position or on mobile, the need for mobile back office applications as a complete solution has not been sufficiently addressed.

In fact, we’ve continually heard from software resellers and retailers in nearly every vertical the growing importance of mobility features and functions that can extend and enhance their Dynamics AX solution. It’s why we at Retail Realm developed mAX Mobile – an integrated software solution that maximizes Dynamics AX in mobile retailing – to address and fill part of this back office gap.
Here are 5 back office features that mAX Mobile gives Dynamics AX users:

Stock Take

The Stock Take option allows you to use the standard AX stock take batch and perform inventory counts while the Store is open and running. The mAX Mobile back office lets you revise the total, taking into account the items sold. The ability to perform a cycle count at the store using Android or Windows mobile devices will speed up the inventory cycle count, while increasing staff accountability and reducing pilferage.


Ranging is a must-have functionality for supermarkets and stores with many shelves. Ranging starts by the mAX Mobile user identifying on which row (aisle) they are in and which shelf (upper self, middle shelf, or lower shelf) they are scanning. They then start scanning in sequence the items on that shelf. This assigns a unique BIN location to the product items in the store back office. For example, the top shelf items on aisle 2 will have a numbering of “Aisle2Top-000001” followed by “Aisle2Top-000002,” etc. So when it comes to printing shelf edge displays, the RR Label program will allow you to print the labels in a BIN Location sequence. This eases the labeling operation at a large store.


mAX Mobile allows you to verify the product label description and price of a product. If the price is incorrect and you need to print a new label, you can print it immediately on a Bluetooth mobile printer (like a Zebra mobile printer).

Price Check

The mobile device enables you to scan an item and capture the price as well as descriptions and product variables, such as size, color, fit, manufacturer, etc.

Fire Sell

This function allows you to identify specific items and place them on sale for a specific price. This can be because an item is slightly damaged, or because it is expiring. In the latter case, the date of expiration is also taken into consideration at the time of sale. Items that have already expired will not be allowed to sell at the POS. This feature is ideal for pharmacies, groceries and supermarket retailers. The Bluetooth mobile printer prints a fire sale label with a unique bar code associated to an AX Info Code with a $ amount or % discount. 

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Afshin Alikhani is a business operational analyst with 30+ years in the computer software industry developing organizational end-to-end processes for companies primarily in the retail and hospitality sectors. He is the Founder and Chairman of Retail Realm, a leading multinational retail-centric software development and distribution company.

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