How Retail Reinvention is Rejuvenating Brick-and-Mortar Retailers


Afshin Alikhani, Retail Realm's Chairman, writes about how brick-and-mortar shops are reinventing themselves in the fast-changing retail landscape.

I just experienced an Aha! moment as I am in London walking from one retail store to another on Piccadilly Street and Regent Street.

Minutes earlier I had come out of a meeting with a business partner in which we had been discussing how the retail landscape is changing, and how major retail brands were struggling / closing unable to adapt to this modern fast-moving retail economy and compete with social media and eCommerce-based retailers that did not have the operating costs of brick-and-mortar stores.....

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"The Retail Realm Las Vegas conference was a great forum to meet and talk face to face with Microsoft, the Retail Realm Team, and the great group of Partners that make Microsoft Dynamics RMS an ideal solution for retailers today and in the future. We are looking forward to next year as we all continue to work together to build great solutions and services for our clients."