Looks Matter: A Business Case for ‘Pretty’ Receipts in Dynamics AX 2012


Written by Afshin Alikhani

Retailers have long been aware of the profound role that merchandising, color arrangement, lighting, smell and music play in creating a customer experience that embraces the brand and drives sales.


And sometimes it’s the smallest, most seemingly mundane in-store objects that can affect – positively or negatively – this experience. Take receipts, for example.


As receipts are the tangible statements (literally!) of the company or products, many retailers want to customize their customer-facing documents to not only display all the required information but also reflect their brand look and style.


Having followed the pulse of retail technology throughout the past 25 years, I have seen many exciting industry-changing advancements – everything from mobile retailing and eCommerce, to payment processing, customer loyalty and hardware devices.


Much of it relates to the Microsoft Dynamics retail software solutions, especially Dynamics AX.


But whether it’s a start-up or a big-box retailer, I’ve heard from many Microsoft Dynamics users that they want customizable options in their receipts and labels. Looks matter, they’ve told me; customers walk out of the store with the products…and the receipt. Both should be representative of the brand’s integrity and messaging.


This is the main reason why mAX Essentials, our integrated software solution that extends Dynamics AX in retail, provides enhanced receipt and label printing at the point-of-sale (and is also extended to the back office).


These features at the POS include:

• Access to all tables and fields in the Dynamics AX database, bringing them into the receipt or label

• Ability to add logic calculation formula in the receipt

• Powerful WYSIWYG Receipt Designer – drag and drop fields from tables into your receipts

• Support for all key receipt types (new receipt types for: Purchase Order, Transfers In & Out, Picking List, Gift Receipt)

• Flexible Receipt Grouping for different POS types within the store

• Printer layer, which removes reference to physical printers and allows for greater flexibility

• Global and local variables that standardize static data, text, images, etc. across all receipts

• Centrally controlled elements as well as local settings at store level to offer flexible deployment 
 UNICODE compliant (print Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, etc.)

• Support for OPOS and Windows driver

mAX Essentials printing allows retailers to configure and print the product labels (hanging labels, butterfly labels, etc.) and shelf edge labels. When retailers use mAX Essentials with Dynamics AX, they can print labels:


• At the POS for a specific product

• On returned items at the store

• At the store for products that have had price changes

• On inventory received

• That display the product picture, barcode and QR Code

• And use the built-in designer to add any desired field from any table


You can see below the example of the mAX Essentials labels vs the standard Dynamics AX labels:

Let’s face it: When it comes to customer-facing documents like receipts, looks definitely matter. With mAX Essentials, Dynamics AX retailers will enjoy more powerful, customizable tools to design and generate receipts and labels – and visually show off their brand.


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About the Author

Afshin Alikhani is a business operational analyst with 30+ years in the computer software industry developing organizational end-to-end processes for companies primarily in the retail and hospitality sectors. He is the Founder and Chairman of Retail Realm, a leading multinational retail-centric software development and distribution company.

"The Retail Realm Las Vegas conference was a great forum to meet and talk face to face with Microsoft, the Retail Realm Team, and the great group of Partners that make Microsoft Dynamics RMS an ideal solution for retailers today and in the future. We are looking forward to next year as we all continue to work together to build great solutions and services for our clients."