Modern point of sale

Customers shop on their terms

Today's customers live in a connected world and are well informed when making a purchase—before they even walk into a store. In a time when customers are shopping on their terms, retailers need to find ways to better serve and provide them with amazing in-store experiences! To best engage customers, retailers must empower their employees to provide excellent customer service. This is where point of sale (POS) can become point of service—using rich clienteling capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics modern POS solution.


Retail Realm offers comprehensive training programs worldwide: Courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels leading to recognized Certified Reseller status for the entire portfolio of Microsoft Dynamics solutions we distribute. Add Sales training to the mix and Retail Realm ensures you are fully equipped to close the deal, install and offer your customers a level of support. Training Sessions

Developer Training too…

As part of our philosophy to offer the retailer end to end solutions, Retail Realm positively encourages Developers and ISVs to develop and integrate solutions which enrich the functionalites of the out of the box Microsoft Dynamics offer and/or fill gaps. To this end programming courses aimed at the Developer community are held periodically

"The Retail Realm Las Vegas conference was a great forum to meet and talk face to face with Microsoft, the Retail Realm Team, and the great group of Partners that make Microsoft Dynamics RMS an ideal solution for retailers today and in the future. We are looking forward to next year as we all continue to work together to build great solutions and services for our clients."