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Sound Payments - Leveraging the Cloud to Increase Revenue at the POS (1-25-2018)

Find out how retailers can increase their revenue at the POS with Sound Payment's Quantum ISV cloud-based semi-integrated payment solution, now available in MAX Pay (developed by Retail Realm) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX. It's also ideal for small-to-medium retailers through its integrations to Dynamics RMS and Retail Management Hero (RMH).


Quantum ISV's unique cloud-based architecture provides all the features and benefits of a semi-integrated payment solution with the added power, security and versatility of the cloud. And, there are no gateway fees! Quantum ISV is certified with all the major U.S. payment processors and supports the complete line of PAX payment terminals.
Retailers will especially enjoy:
- A single monthly subscription fee includes payment terminal hardware and semi-integrated payment application, transaction processing to any U.S. processor, merchant boarding, remote terminal management, and 24/7 help desk
- No gateway transaction fees
- No local software to install or maintain
- Unique cloud-based architecture enables value-added services such as Device Aggregation, Centralized Reporting, Consolidated Settlement and much more


Attend this 1-hour webinar, presented by Sound Payments and hosted by Retail Realm, to learn the:
- Company Background
- Features & Functions of the Quantum ISV Solution
- Differentiating Value-Add
- Benefits for Retailers

Speed Up Lines with Index 1-Second EMV (7-20-2017)

In the age of Amazon, brick-and-mortar retailers need innovative tools to compete. They need to be able to offer faster and easier checkout, stronger payment security, and a better customer experience. There's no shortage of challenges. Take EMV, which has been notoriously slow and costly for retailers. Or payment security, which is quickly becoming a top priority across every vertical as large-scale data breaches continue to make headlines.

The good news is there's an integrated solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX available to solve these challenges and help you transform your in-store environments. Meet Index 1-Second EMV.

Watch this webinar presented by Index and hosted by Retail Realm to learn how you can:
- Eliminate the wait at checkout and capture lost sales with 1-Second EMV (the fastest EMV solution in the US, certified by EMVCo)
- Protect your customers' payment data through tokenization and point-to-point encryption with no P2PE fees (PCI DSS 3.2 validated)
- Remove your POS from PCI-scope and reduce your compliance burdens
- Brand your PIN pad splash screens and offer one-time sign-up for email receipts

RMH 6-Month Product Update 6-29-2017

Headache-Free EMV Ready Payment Devices (5-25-2017)

POS Portal is excited to offer VARs and ISVs a quick and easy solution for EMV ready hardware deployment. As a Retail Realm secure payment provider, POS Portal will handle all your device deployment, terminal file builds, and parameter configuration needs. Simply, the experts at POS Portal make getting EMV ready devices headache free. 

Specifically, you'll learn more about:  
- Easy online ordering 
- Pre-configured solution bundles for all major processors 
- 99.6% order accuracy 
- Bi-Coastal P2PE validated key injection and shipping facilities 
- Largest debit key library in the country 
- Device warranty and support 
- Industry experts to help you when you need it

Move Payments Out From Behind the Counter: Cayan Genius Handheld (05-18-2017)

Move Payments Out From Behind the Counter: Genius Handheld plus, learn how Country Ski & Sport improved their business with Cayan.

Cayan, a trusted partner of Retail Realm, recently moved payments forward with its Genius Handheld™ solution. Now, Cayan has completed a full integration for Handheld with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX 2012, Retail Management Hero (RMH) and Retail Management System (RMS).

In this webinar, we'll be talking about the newGenius Handheld certification and more, including the:
- Story of Country Ski & Sport, a Retail Realm customer who used Genius to take business to the next level
- Benefits of getting your associates into the aisle with Genius Handheld
- Upcoming release of Cayan's iPad and iPhone payment solution, Genius Mini
- Simple setup and operation of the full Genius suite-Countertop, Genius and Mini. You can be set up in days, not months!

What Every RMS and RMH User Should Know About Customer Loyalty Upgrades - Presented by bLoyal (4/27/2017)

As your business begins the transition from Microsoft Dynamics RMS to Retail Management Hero (RMH), you'll have the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your existing loyalty integration. Does your program offer the latest in tools and technology? Is it optimized for the mobile environment? Does it use a 'one-size-fits-all' marketing approach, or deliver the type of responsive, personalized content that consumers now demand?

View this webinar, presented by bLoyal and hosted by Retail Realm, that will guide you through 5 key loyalty upgrades every retailer should make. Speaking to solution providers, resellers and retailers who are using RMS, looking to transition from RMS to RMH, or are already on RMH, this presentation will specifically address considerations and tips around: 
- Single User View
- Omnichannel Signup
- Flexible Rewards
- SKU Level Segmentation
- Data Storytelling

Visit for more info!

Worldpay Showcase: Simplify and Streamline Payments in RMS and RMH (3-16-17)

With Worldpay, accepting payments has never been easier.
Retail Realm has completed a full-feature integration with Worldpay for Microsoft Dynamics RMS and Retail Management Hero (RMH) allowing merchants to accept a vast array of payment types utilizing Worldpay's premier transaction platform.

Worldpay's solution provides a simple configuration to help merchants begin processing payments faster. The quick software installation does not need further development or integration and requires no additional gateway fees. Resellers can get started in three easy steps: 
1. Complete installation and support training with Retail Realm
2. Download Worldpay software to the Ingenico® iSC250 device and complete configuration
3. Have your merchant select Worldpay as their payments processor and they can begin accepting payments

The solution features Point-to-Point Encryption and EMV®, helping retailers prevent fraudulent transactions and protect sensitive customer data. The solution also allows retailers to take advantage of Worldpay's competitive transaction rates, and resellers benefit from incremental revenue.

Payments for digital businesses can be full of complexities. Across your platforms, including mobile, eCommerce, point of sale and more, Worldpay can help simplify payments acceptance to enable a streamlined experience for your customers.

Special Payment Terminal Offer by Ingenico and ScanSource (12-01-2016)

Retail Realm has partnered with Ingenico and ScanSource to offer a never-seen-before price on a brand-new fully configured iSC250 for certification and testing for Retail Realm Integrators and Resellers. This webinar will cover who qualifies for the demo terminal and how to purchase the terminal through ScanSource. There are a limited number of terminals available for this program, and all sales are first come, first serve!

The Retail Realm payment integrations with Vantiv and Shift4 support this device, which is used with Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Retail Management Hero (RMH), Dynamics AX 2012, and Dynamics 365 Enterprise.

Mobile Retailing with mAX Mobile for Microsoft Dynamics AX (11-10-2016)

As Microsoft Dynamics® AX with modern POS has ushered in a new generation of retail applications based on devices either in a fixed stationary position or on mobile, the need for mobile back office applications as a complete solution has not been sufficiently addressed.

It's why we developed mAX Mobile - an integrated software solution that maximizes Dynamics AX / Dynamics 365 Enterprise in mobile retailing that addresses and fills part of the back-office gaps in:
  • Stock Take 
  • Ranging 
  • Labels (on Bluetooth printers) 
  • Price Check 
  • Fire Sell

UniteU Presents: Successfully Orchestrating Modern Omnichannel Shopping Experiences (10-27-2016)

Changing technology and consumer behavior has thrown a wrench into the e-commerce market. The path to purchase is now drastically influenced by the penetration of mobile technology, the desire for convenience, and social channels. UniteU will discuss how it’s Microsoft Dynamics® RMS, AX and Retail Management Hero® integrated e-commerce platform creates a seamless omnichannel shopping experience that connects online and in-store. 

UniteU will discuss specific case studies where its consumer facing e-commerce sites, and backend technology have helped retailers protect their loyal, local customer base, by offering convenient features like find in-store and buy online pickup in-store; while simultaneously growing digital revenue.

Learn how UniteU’s CORE® module, enables robust integration with RMS, RMH and AX; including integrating at the store-level for features like buy online, pickup in-store
Tackling modern front-end user experiences
Omnichannel for every-size business 
+ Results from live omnichannel customer case studies

Cayan’s Genius Updates, Unified Commerce & Genius Handheld (10/6/16)

Cayan Genius Updates, Unified Commerce & Genius Handheld

New technology and evolving demands have transformed the payments industry over the past decade, but Cayan® has always remained one step ahead.

With the release of the Cayan Unified Commerce Solution™ suite, merchants can easily support customer transactions throughout the shopping journey across all channels including in aisle or at the table using Genius Handheld.

High level agenda: 
Genius updates and new features including account updater for recurring payments 
An introduction to Cayan Unified Commerce Solution suite and Genius Handheld 
Details on the new Retail Realm reseller incentive program

Program details:

Introducing the HP Dealer Network Through BlueStar (9-29-16)

Did you know that HP is making it easier for Retail Realm partners and resellers to gain the competitive edge and close the deal? The HP Dealer Network provides customers with pre-configured POS solutions and competitive pricing. 

This HP program is EXCLUSIVE to BlueStar resellers! 

Designed for the Retail Realm partner network, the HP Dealer Network through BlueStar provides an array of pre-configured solution offerings to provide you with the competitive advantage to increase sales. 

Retail Realm Essentials │Product Update Webinar (7-7-16)

Based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, RRE's entirely retail-centric configuration provides all the functionality required to run retail operations (from the simplest to the most complex) - without the ERP complexity.


- NEW Product Enhancements & Marketing Strategies
- NEW Pricing & Licensing
- NEW Service & Support Offerings
- Training & Certification
- Distribution
- Roadmap
- Special Offers
- Q&A

RR mAX Essentials – Product Showcase Webinar (6-30-2016)

Find out how RR mAX Essentials will maximize Microsoft Dynamics AX in Retail. Developed by Retail Realm, RR mAX Essentials is an integrated solution with horizontal extensions and third-party integrations that both enhance and extend the out-of-the-box Retail functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This gives retailers more store visibility, scalability, options and international support for Enterprise POS and Modern POS across the globe.

  • Overview of RR mAX Essentials and ideal markets 
  • The variety of horizontal add-ons, integrations and enhancements that fill gaps in base Dynamics AX product 
  • Benefits of Dynamics AX in terms of performance, versatility and scalability 
  • You will also find out more about RR mAX's key features and functionality, including: 
  • Real-time inventory lookup and availability at the POS 
  • Additional and enhanced POS printing options 
  • Flexible receipt designer and graphical reports 
  • Resource Manager enabling translation of POS to any UNICODE language 
  • Extending AX customer management, gift card and loyalty integrations (bLoyal and Synergy World) 
  • Omnichannel retailing

Additional topics will include: 
  • RR mAX Product Roadmap 
  • Licensing, Training and Support 
  • Q&A

Nitrosell Webinar: Turn RMH into a Complete Omni-Channel Solution (6/16/16)

Learn from brick & mortar ecommerce experts at NitroSell how easy it is to turn Retail Management Hero (RMH) into a complete omni-channel solution.
NitroSell's ecommerce software allows you to easily and economically keep inventory counts, items, customers, sales and more synchronized between your brick & mortar store and your ecommerce store. With modern, responsive templates, full ecommerce support, design and search engine marketing services, NitroSell can provide you will all the tools you need for online success.

bLoyal - Real-time omnichannel loyalty to mAXimize customer lifetime value… for real (5/19/16)

Are you a multi-store or multi-channel or multi-brand Retailer? Then you know how critical it is to get to know your best and most loyal customers and how challenging this can be.
It's why you'll want to learn more about bLoyal's latest ecommerce and loyalty integration to Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail. For example, you'll see how AX users will be able to simply and quickly access customer information and related frequent buyer program details.

You will learn how to: 
- Maximize customer participation in your loyalty and promotion programs 
- Create personalized engagements across all touchpoints 
- Apply real-time rewards to maximize customer lifetime value 
- Arm yourself with very valuable data to optimize your programs

You will find out how easy it is to launch the best loyalty program that is right for your Company with bLoyal, a cloud solution built on Microsoft Azure for Dynamics AX.

Heartland Payment Services for Microsoft Dynamics Retail (4/7/2016)

Retail Realm has completed a full-featured integration with Heartland for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics RMS, Retail Realm Essentials powered by Microsoft Dynamics (RRE), and Retail Management Hero (RMH) partners / customers.

Built on Heartland Secure®, which includes End-to-End Encryption, Tokenization and EMV, the solution protects retailers from costly payment card breaches and fraudulent transactions. Heartland takes security very seriously and will be your advocate and ally in safeguarding your customers - including providing Heartland's industry leading Breach Warranty.

Webinar - Secure Payments with the Transaction Services EMV Integration for Microsoft Dynamics (4-28-2016)

As merchants are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line, we're excited to introduce you to Transaction Services (TRX) who has spent the last 10 years perfecting their payment processing and reporting technology. 

Transaction Services has just announced their tokenized EMV integration with Retail Realm for Microsoft Dynamics. It's a solution that reduces both the retailer's risk of EMV card fraud and a potentially expanded scope of PCI found with other options. You'll learn how this new payment integration utilizes proprietary technology to reduce the merchant's scope of PCI and make them compliant with EMV Chip Card requirements.

Webinar - Retail Realm Order Processing Portal - Version 4 Release (4-7-2016)

See firsthand how the latest version of Retail Realm's Order Processing Portal has been updated with new and improved features/functionality. You'll learn how licensing and key generation have been incorporated into the Order Processing system to bring various workflow and efficiency benefits. 
  • Key additional enhancements: 
  • Support for tablet / non-desktop form factors 
  • Product categories 
  • Product search during filling out a new order 
  • Drafts and quotes that have expired are moved to a new area 
  • Concept of customer number 
  • General UI / Grid and form improvements for usability 

Webinar - Introducing the Signature Capture Interface by Retail Realm & Scriptel (3-10-16)

Find out about the new integration of the ScripTouch signature pads into our complete product line and Microsoft Dynamics retail solutions. Scriptel Corporation ( has the longest history of any pen input technology company, dating back to 1982. With their current range of electronic signature pads that were developed starting in 2010, they have focused on providing highly reliable devices, excellent software support and building an industry-best service capability.

Webinar - Banctek Connect for Microsoft Dynamics Protecting Payments in High-Risk Industries (2/18/16)

With fraud on the rise, payment security is becoming a growing concern for retailers - especially those in the high-risk businesses (pawn shops, electronics, pharmacies, gun stores, etc.). It's why Retail Realm is pleased to showcase the 'Banctek Connect for Microsoft Dynamics' integration to partners, resellers and retailers.

Webinar - Cayan Genius Integration (1/8/16)

Meet Cayan's Genius. It's a cloud-based payments platform that mitigates the business challenges associated with integrating payments to the point-of-sale (POS). By adding Genius to your POS offering, you can offset security concerns and have a completely EMV-compliant system while seamlessly enabling new payment types and creating a more engaging customer interaction for your POS users.

Webinar: RR Order Processing Portal v.3 (10/7/15)

Retail Realm's NEW Order Processing Portal has several new features and enhancements that will help further streamline the order process.

The NEW Order Processing Portal goes live October 17, 2015

Webinar - Retail Management Hero - Exclusive Update (8/13/15)

- Market/Territorial Analysis of South America & North America
- Update from Anthony Ludmilin (Owner, Retail Hero) showing new features of the product

Webinar - UniteU (eCommerce, Omnichannel & Mobile POS) (8/6/2015)

Join UniteU and Retail Realm as they present state-of-the-art, revenue-acceleration solutions that help retailers tackle their ever-shifting technology landscape. With a focus on robust turnkey integration between UniteU's commerce platform and Microsoft retail management systems-including Dynamics AX, Retail Realm Essentials and Dynamics RMS-this partnership enables a seamless, multi-channel buying experience that rivals major retailers who are investing millions to that end.

UniteU will present case studies and ready-to-implement solutions, such as fully-responsive eCommerce, buy online pickup in-store, and a mobile point of sale application that merges eCommerce technology with in-store systems to drive significant increases in store conversion rates and average ticket.

Webinar - Retail Realm Essentials® powered by Microsoft Dynamics Live Demo #3 (7/9/2015)

Retail Realm Essentials® powered by Microsoft Dynamics Live Demo

Features being shown:
Classic POS
Modern POS
Backoffice overview
License configuration
Channel management
Organization hierarchy
Retail Store Management
Price lists
Product Channels
POS Registers / POS Profiles
Screen Layouts / Screen Designer
Info Codes (Reason Codes)

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail Modern Point of Sale

Today's customers live in a connected world, and are well informed when making a purchase and before they even walk into a store. In a time where customers are shopping on their terms -- retailers need to find ways to better serve and provide them with amazing in-store experiences! But in order to offer all of this to customers, retailers have to prepare their employees.
In this video, learn how Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is a commerce engine that can create a complete omni-channel experience starting at the Point of Sale and extending to other channels. 

Webinar - Introducing LevelUp: The Future of Payments (6/25/2015)

LevelUp gives businesses the tools to bring back that level of hospitality... at scale.

We power mobile loyalty & payment programs for 14,000+ merchant locations across the United States, ranging from local mom-and-pops all the way up to national chains including TCBY, Dunn Brothers Coffee, Boloco, and Steak 'n Shake. These businesses use LevelUp to enable their customers to simply scan their phones to pay and automatically accrue/redeem rewards, with seamless integration into the merchant's POS systems.

For more information, visit

Webinar - Retail Realm AX Utility Demo (6/19/2015)

Retail Realm will present horizontal and vertical enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. This offering is available for resale only through certified Dynamics AX Partners. The solution targets primarily the store Modern POS and Enterprise POS.

Join us to learn more about these valuable developments and how they can facilitate sales for you, either by meeting some of the functional requirements of existing customers, or helping you gain new customers!

- Payment Processing (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand / Upcoming: Mexico, South Africa, and France)
- Graphical receipt designers
- Graphical label designers
- Graphical report writer
- Resource manager to enable translation of POS
- Enhanced reporting at POS
- Store product inventory look-up
- Supermarket features:
Weight & measure approval
Link to deli scales
Mobile stock taking, ranging, price change

Webinar - SelfPoint eGrocery Platform (6/18/15)

See how SelfPoint's eGrocery platform can enable your customers to go online quickly and seamlessly.

The world of grocery is changing, in 2019, consumers will buy $50 Billion of groceries online in the US only. Online grocery giants are quickly winning over local shoppers. Maintain your clientele by offering them the best online experience with our special and personalized service.

SelfPoint integrates with the grocer's POS system after which the entire catalog, with updated pricing, is instantly online. Customers place their orders on the grocer's beautiful, branded and user friendly website and app. The order comes straight through to the picker's tablet. The items are transferred from the tablet directly into your POS system as they are picked, and the order is ready to ship within minutes.

To learn more about SelfPoint, visit:

Webinar - Tyro Payments (6/3/2015)

Your guide to payment innovation in the Australian retail sector!

In a world of changing payments, retailers are being faced with some tough decisions.

How can I enhance the payment experience at the counter?
How can I increase security and reduce fraud?
How can I get ready for in-store mobile payments?
How can I future-proof my EFTPOS and POS?

RRTC 2015 - POSPartner GmbH (Germany) Interview

Peter Reich, Managing Partner at POSPartner GmbH (Germany), discusses their recent partnership with Retail Realm and what they thought of attending Retail Realm's Technology Conference (2015) for the first time.

Webinar - RMS iPOS from Advantage Solutions (4/16/2015)

Do your RMS customers want to change where and how they complete transactions with their customers?

Advantage Solutions is offering the RMS iPOS application to the RMS POS Partner community though Retail Realm.

The RMS iPOS application runs on an iPhone or iPad and fully integrates with an RMS database over Wifi or 3G/4G, providing a full mobile POS solution that can complement or replace the Windows RMS POS application.  

Webinar - Join the Worldpay Partner Program! (4/9/2015)

Join Worldpay's Director of Business Development Loee Matousek for a webinar that will cover the WIN-WIN aspects of partnering with Worldpay to offer Worldpay Card Processing to your customers. Find out how to create a lucrative, immediate, & additional recurring revenue stream for your business; how to increase your value by lowering your customers' payment processing costs; and, how to improve customer retention.

Webinar - Shift4 - EMV 101, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (2/19/2015)

Let's be honest, EMV adoption could be a pain. It can take a year or more to get new solutions certified and operational. It requires new (and potentially expensive) hardware to accept the new chip-embedded cards. And it doesn't offer nearly as much security as the media has been reporting. Unfortunately, merchants who don't jump through all the hoops to get a solution in place may lose their ability to fight chargebacks and could become financially liable for all card-present fraud committed in their environment - so it's not something our merchant customers can afford to ignore.

Webinar - Retail Realm Essentials powered by Microsoft Dynamics - Live Demo #2 (12/11/2014)

Features that will be demonstrated: 

  • Store Inventory Availability & Lookup 
  • Pricing & Promotions 
  • Loyalty

Webinar - Retail Realm Essentials powered by Microsoft Dynamics - Live Demo (11/25/2014)

High level demonstration of the recently announced "Retail Realm Essentials™ powered by Microsoft Dynamics". A basic overview of the product and its feature functions.

Webinar - RR Order Processing Portal v.2 (11/14/2014)

Great news! Retail Realm's NEW Order Processing Portal has several new features and enhancements that will help further streamline the order process.

Webinar - Retail Realm / HP Hardware Program and BlueStar VARCOM (10/30/2014)

NEW HP/Retail Realm Hardware Program and BlueStar VARCOM. Learn how these unique programs can bring new opportunities to the table and ultimately grow your business.

Webinar - Retail Smart Guys: Open to Buy Forecasting (10/23/2014)

In this webinar, Dan Jablons of Retail Smart Guys will show you how your retail customers can make more money in their business, and at the same time, show you the model by which you can leverage this incredible technology to grow your business.

Webinar - RR RMS Utilities v17 - Part Two (9/19/2014)

RR Utilities now cover 200+ add-ons that are made available to Partners and End Users for FREE as long as they maintain a valid Microsoft maintenance plan (BREP/BRAP) through Retail Realm. Part Two covers RR Touch, Weight & Measure, Archive Utility

Webinar - RR RMS Utilities v17 - Part One (9/12/2014)

RR Utilities now cover 200+ add-ons that are made available to Partners and End Users for FREE as long as they maintain a valid Microsoft maintenance plan (BREP/BRAP) through Retail Realm. Part One include, Customer Price Matrix, Task Pad Utility, Item Component Synch Utility.

Webinar - TimeForge: Real-Time Labor Management (3/8/2014)

TimeForge - the world's first comprehensive web-based labor management solution that directly interfaces to more than 15 different Point Of Sale platforms including Microsoft RMS and Microsoft AX. TimeForge includes many labor, sales, and HR modules to help you and your clients succeed.

Webinar - StoreLizard: Flash POS Reporting Software (Cross Platform) (1/21/2014)

Introducing the World's First Cross Platform, Mobile, Live, Flash POS Reporting Software, for Free.

Webinar - Integrating Microsoft Dynamics RMS with Shopify - RTL Present RMSify (1/8/2014)

Retail Technology Limited presents its new integration software called RMSify.

Webinar - RR Gemini Technical Support (8/15/2013)

Retail Realm's New Gemini Technical Support Webinar Presented by Tony Winters, Director of Q&A at RR

"I've been working with Retail Realm for many years now and will continue to do so - they are one of our favorite vendors. They don't just distribute a bunch of part numbers; they have a deep understanding of the industry, their products, and truly partner with their resellers to help them sell more."